Stray Kids’ 7 unforgettable fan interactions that warmed hearts

Stray Kids stands out in the broad landscape of the K-pop universe as an example of genuineness and connection with their fans, fondly known as STAYs. Beyond the pulsating beats and electrifying performances, genuine connections between Stray Kids members and their devoted following have established an unbreakable link.

In this piece, we look at 7 amazing fan interactions that not only warmed hearts but also left a lasting mark on the collective soul of the STAY community.


1) The Surprise Fan Call

EXO to surprise fans with two additional songs for "Call Me Baby" comeback stages
Consider this, A routine day for a STAY is turned upside down when their phone suddenly rings and the person on the other end is none other than a Stray Kids member. This unexpected fan call, in which each band took turns reaching out to random supporters, brought the fandom to tears. The genuineness in their voices and the genuine conversations that followed demonstrated Stray Kids’ commitment to maintaining personal connections with its supporters.

2) Handwritten Letters
EXO's Lay dedicates a handwritten letter to fans, revealing that he will be parting ways with SM Entertainment | allkpop
Receiving a handwritten letter has a distinct appeal in this age of digital communication. Stray Kids embraced this concept, surprising followers with emotional words of thanks, love, and encouragement. These letters, which were frequently shared on social media, not only highlighted the members’ calligraphy skills but also their attempts to make each fan feel seen and valued.

3) Random Acts of Kindness
EXO | Spotify
Stray Kids has an uncanny ability to transform ordinary experiences into amazing memories. The members have made it a mission to offer joy whenever and wherever they can, from surprise fan gatherings to impromptu gift-giving sessions. These random acts of generosity not only surprised fans but also reinforced the notion that Stray Kids sees its fans as more than just faces in the crowd.

4) Virtual Fan Meetings

EXO to hold a fan meeting to celebrate their 11th anniversary | allkpop
Stray Kids used technology to bridge the gap between themselves and their global fans in a world where physical distances frequently divide artists from their global fanbase. Virtual fan meetups provided a venue for members to interact with fans from all around the world. The laughter, tears, and shared moments formed a virtual arena in which STAYs felt more than simply observers, but as integral players of the Stray Kids journey.

5) The Fan Song
EXO-Ls Slam Chen For Using A 'Fan Song' At His Wedding; Claim It's 'Exclusive' For Fans – DNyuz

Stray Kids decided to express their gratitude to their fans in the most musical way possible: by writing a fan song. This beautiful song, replete with lyrics of thanks and love, became a fandom anthem. The fan song not only showcased the members’ musical abilities but also emphasized their devotion to repaying STAY’s persistent support.

6) Interactive Fan Contests

EXO Fan Meeting "EXO' CLOCK" 2023 11th Debut Anniversary
Stray Kids and STAYs live on the energy they share, and what better way to channel it than through interactive fan challenges? Members aggressively promote fan engagement in everything from dance cover contests to art projects, transforming the fanbase into a creative and energetic family. These challenges not only highlight STAYs’ varied abilities but also build a sense of belonging and unity.

7) Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

Talk! Talk! Korea goes behind the scenes with Exo : : The official website of the Republic of Korea
Stray Kids has perfected the art of taking fans behind the scenes and giving glimpses of their lives away from the stage. Members provide a window into their lives, full of humor, difficulties, and everyday experiences, whether through vlogs, social media updates, or live streaming. This honesty enhances the link between Stray Kids and STAYs, reaffirming that they are all on this great adventure together at their heart.