Sherlyn Chopra calls KWAN agency's co-founder 'Pimp', reveals 'He asked me if my breasts were real and wanted to touch them' | Business Upturn

Sherlyn Chopra calls KWAN agency’s co-founder ‘Pimp’, reveals ‘He asked me if my breasts were real and wanted to touch them’

Actress released an old video where she is speaking about misconduct with her, read the full report.


Actress Sherlyn Chopra has accused founder member of KWAN talent agency of sexual misconduct and took it to her Twitter where she released an old video of an interview. In the video Sherlyn is talking about how Anirban Blah had a foul conversation with her when she visited his office in quest of work. Sherlyn in the video slammed Anirban who allegedly asked her if her breasts were real and if he could touch them.

Narrating the complete incidence in the video, Sherlyn lashes out saying, “He (Anirban) looked at me up and down all the time. I asked him, ‘What happened sir, am I not well-dressed?’ He said, ‘No, no. Are your breasts real? Can I touch? I was shocked. How can someone ask such a disgusting question. Whether real or fake, however they are, what’s your problem?  this is unacceptable behaviour. “You cannot talk to a lady like this. A woman does not like it. Especially when she is going to a talent manager. Why would she like it? What does talent have to do with size of breasts?”

Chopra’s video has again aroused the #MeToo accusations on Aniraban Blah who then stepped aside from the responsibilities of KWAN agency. Sharing an old video Sherlyn tweeted, “Last year, I had spoken about Anirban, founder of Kwan Talent Agency. Damn these druggie A-listers with down market values! He had the audacity to ask me if my breasts were real or not! What difference does it make? He wanted to touch them to feel if they were real!! Bloody pimp!”