Rishabh Pant’s Net Worth in 2024

It is an undeniable fact that Rishabh Pant is a future Indian cricketer being groomed for the leadership of the national team. He is a player who can be termed as a perfect all-rounder having the ability to show exceptional performances as well as lead his team from the front.

However, Rishabh Pant is not only making headlines due to his outstanding performance on the pitch but is also grabbing the audience’s attention for being a philanthropist. Below are some interesting facts about this cricketer, who is winning both fields!


Pant, as a cricketer, accumulates the largest portion of his net worth from his cricketing attributes and brand endorsements. Rishabh Pant’s estimated worth is nearly INR 100 crores somewhere in 2024. This cricketer is a vital part of the Indian cricket team, and being the captain of Delhi Capitals, he receives a decent salary. One of his revenue streams, which adds to his worth, happens to be his endorsement deals with various prime brands, as listed by The Bridge.

Pant has been a star cricketer throughout his career, even when it comes to facing some slips and slides along the way. Currently, Pant is a valuable asset for BCCI’s home of cricket and has received a Grade A central contract by the source worth INR 5 crores for 2023-24. His performance for the Indian team in the international cricket league is recognized with this hefty paycheck, and as the captain of Delhi Capitals, Pant has been signing contracts of as huge amounts as INR 16 crores per annum.