“Request ICC for new pitch rule”, Rohit Sharma replied over criticism

Indian opener Rohit Sharma recently excp[ressed his view over ongoing criticism of the pitch conditions of Chennai. India won the second match by a huge margin of 317 runs and visitors were unable to read the pitch conditions and can’t able to play in the turning track of Chennai. The pitch was blamed after the match and visitors even expressed their opinions on how they find the pitch not so good.

Rohit Sharma fires on the people who had the problem with the Indian pitch. He even said that both the teams play n the same pitch and making a pitch according to the hosts is what we called taking the home advantage, this should not be criticized. Sharma even asked them to tell International Cricket Council(ICC) that they set some rules toward pitch conditions and will apply them all around the world.


“Making pitches according to our preference is what we call home and away advantage. Otherwise, just play cricket without having a home or away advantage. Ask ICC to set up certain guidelines and make some rules that pitch should be like this in India and in other countries,”

He even shared his experience that how they go through the problems when they tour other countries. He even said that people should talk about games rather than talking about pitch conditions.

“When we tour other countries, they make things difficult for us. I don’t think people should talk a lot about pitches. They should talk about the game they should talk about players that how they play or how a bowlers bowl. These things make sense but it’s not fair to criticize pitches because both teams plays in the same pitch,” Rohit further added.