Ramayan: Raavan aka Arvind Trivedi announces his Twitter emergence, elated netizens welcome him with choicest memes

Actor Arvind Trivedi plays Ravaan in the epic TV drama of Ramanad Sagar Ramayan! Well, the actor had received a number of accolades during the first time the show aired on TV. Ramayan was a cult of sorts and this Coronavius lockdown has brought back the show once again to the TV screens and people are absolutely elated about it. Last night the Ravana Vadh episode was aired and people could not stop raving about the episode and it started a meme fest on Twitter.

And what’s more after that Ravana himself announced his Twitter incarnation. Well, jokes aside, Arvind Trivedi himself, for the first time made an account on the social media platform! yes, you heard that right!


Netizens were more than happy with his arrival and they welcomed him with the choicest of memes! Well, the thing is internet has made the world a very small place. After Ravan the 90s kid surely was a fan of Raavan but little did they know who originally the person was in reality. The sudden COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown has also enlightened the names of the characters of the epic Doordarshan show and those who already were huge fans of the and characters and the show in the whole were more than elated to see Ravan’s first tweet!

And thereafter there was a flurry of reactions by the Twitterati! Take a look at some of the funny memes!







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