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Rakhi Sawant Fatima, the actress changes her name after marrying beau

On social media, a photo of Adil Khan and Rakhi Sawant’s marriage certificate has been circulated.


Rakhi Sawant, a controversial star in Bollywood, married her longtime love Adil Khan Durrani in a low-key court ceremony. After pictures from their intimate wedding ceremony were widely posted on social media on January 11, word of the couple’s marriage immediately spread online.

The pair married according to Islamic rituals, and a photo of their “Nikah Nama” (marriage certificate) is making the rounds on social media. The private nikah for Rakhi and Adil was held on May 29, 2022, according to the certificate. She has now changed her name to ‘Rakhi Sawant Fatima.’

Rakhi confessed that she has found love again following her breakup with Ritesh. She also made a video call to reveal Adil. Since then, the two have been a couple. Rakhi revealed their May wedding in an Instagram post in which she was joined by her husband Adil. “Finally, I’m so happy I am revealing my marriage after seven months,” she wrote in her post.

The couple’s “Nikah Nama” has gone viral, causing a lot of curiosity and debate among fans and the media. Since she has been working in the entertainment business for a while, Rakhi Sawant has been outspoken about her desire to settle down and have a family with Adil. Fans and well-wishers have been pouring in their congratulations and well wishes for the happy couple.