Nykaa stock takes dip as it launches four new variants of serums under SKINRX brand

The brand wanted to tap into natural skincare and cosmetic products that are free from chemicals and be transparent about the content.

FSN Ecommerce ventures-backed Nykaa.com launches four new variants of serums under its brand Nykaa SKINRX on Monday. The company is adding a science powered skincare brand to its portfolio Nykaa SKINRX which was recently launched to cater to the Indian audience’s skin concerns using clinically researched and globally recognised active ingredients.

Nykaa SKINRX is dermatologically tested and is free from fragrance, alcohol, SLS, parabens and cruelty. The collection will be available on the Nykaa website/ app and in-stores across India and is priced between INR 799 to 1199.


Key features of the newly launched serums:

Nykaa SKINRX 2% Multi-Peptide Serum which helps in targeting sagging skin giving you firm tight youthful skin.

Nykaa SKINRX 2% Ceramide Serum reduces skin redness and moisturizes the skin.

Nykaa SKINRX Skin Renew with 10% AHA +1% BHA helps in exfoliating your skin in the gentlest way possible giving you a radiant smooth texture.

Nykaa SKINRX 20% Vitamin C brightens dull complexion, reveals radiant & glowing skin and helps reduce premature signs of ageing.

Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands said, “With Nykaa SKINRX, we launched a portfolio of powerful, high-performing products for all those who are looking for a specific solution for their skin concerns. The gender-neutral serums from SKINRX infuse advanced scientific formulations into everyday skincare to boost the beauty regimens of our consumers helping them achieve healthy, radiant, and well-nourished skin. Our first phase of SKINRX recieved a tremendous response and we are thrilled to introduce four new serums in this range: Vitamin C, Ceramides, Peptides, and AHA BHA. With the brand now offering 8 different serums, we aim to reach a wider spectrum of the audience looking for targeted solutions.”

At the time of filing this story, the shares of Nykaa were down by 24.85 points trading on Rs 2089 per piece on NSE as compared to 27.55 points trading on Rs 2088.30 per piece on BSE.