Multiplex association of India requests government to reopen cinemas, reveals loss of 9,000 crore in last 6 months

Multiplex Association of India has tweeted in urge to the government for re-opening of cinemas as many peoples job are at stake.

On Tuesday, the Multiplex association of India urged the government to reopen cinemas as the entertainment industry employs a large part of people and has incurred a loss of 9,000 crore in last 6 months. Multiplex chains like PVR, INOX and Cinepolis employs almost 2 lakhs people and provides employment in other department to lakhs indirectly.

The association has stated that almost 10,000 cinema halls have been close for more than 6 months and described it as the ‘soft power of India’ and main media of entertainment for Indians. Every industry has suffered terribly during the pandemic and the entertainment industry due to this condition is starting to loss jobs now.
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Around the world China, UAE, France, Korea, Spain and many other countries have reopened their cinemas with utmost precautions amd safety for the audience. The film association also mentioned that with ‘Unlock India’ malls, restaurants, gym, airlines, railways and retails have been opened but the cinema halls are in so sign of opening.
PVR Pictures, which is one of the largest cinema chain in India tweeted, “The joy of watching stories unfold on big screen: the clapping, the laughing and tears. We miss it. Can’t wait to have you back at the movies #UnlockCimemaSaveJobs”.
INOX Leisure LTD said while retweeting the appeal, “Millions work behind the scenes, to make dreams come to life on the bog screen. Their jobs are at stake. Please reopen cinemas immediately”.