Mother in law in Pakistan gifts groom AK-47 rifle on wedding day

How bizarre can a wedding ceremony be, If you think you have witnessed all possible weird things this year then tie your seatbelts and watch this. A Pakistani groom has got a wedding gift and the video is going viral online. The video shows a woman greeting the newlyweds and asking someone to hand over the gift, and the gift being an AK-47 which she offered to the groom amid cheers from the crowd.

The video has triggered a mixed reaction online.


The assault rifle is commonly known as Kalashnikov in Pakistan.

In South Asian countries firing gun shot and few rounds in air is a custom for good luck and celebration but gifting someone is never heard of.

However ,what really intrigued some people online was how the groom didn’t look surprised or shocked. He remained unfazed as he received the Kalashnikov from his mother-in-law. With people cheering and applauding in the background, many thought it could be a family ritual.

People on twitter reacted on this bizarre incident, many recalled what they got as wedding presents as joke while other slammed gun control measures in the country.