Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong will be a worse dictator, tweets Ram Gopal Varma

Kim Jong-un is the infamous dictator of North Korea. Much has been said about the brain diagnosis of the tyrant ruler. There has been a lot of speculations in the media pertaining to his health. There were also rumours about how his brain had stopped functioning and thereafter later int eh day, the news about his death too surfaced! And then came the news of his survival!

Having said that, no one quite knows what actually happened to him and how he is faring in terms of his health. Meanwhile, there have been several discussions about who will be the next dictator if in case Kim Jong-un breathes his last. His sister Yo-jong is said to be the contender of the position after him.


Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter account and stated that if in case this turns out to be true and Yo-jong becomes the next dictator. She will prove to be even more dangerous for the population of North Korea.

He wrote, “Rumour has it that Kim Jong-un’s sister will take over if he dies and she supposedly is more brutal than him..Good news is that world will have its first female villain.. Finally James Bond can get real.

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For the uninitiated, Kim Jong Un has been in power since the last 8 years and the entire world is privy to his cruel ways. He is 36 years old. And it is being said that his younger sister Kim Yo Jong is 30 years old.
Speaking of Ram Gopal Varma, he is one of the best filmmakers in India, however, it has been long since he has made any film. His last film Sarkar 3 released in the year 2017.