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IPL 2023 GT vs MI: Mohit Sharma reflects on his five-wicket haul and crucial dismissal

In a thrilling IPL Qualifier 2 clash, the Gujarat Titans emerged victorious over the Mumbai Indians, securing their place in the finals. Mohit Sharma was the standout performer, delivering an exceptional bowling display that played a significant role in the Titans’ resounding win.

Facing a formidable target set by the Mumbai Indians, the Gujarat Titans needed something extraordinary to advance to the finals. Sharma rose to the occasion with a devastating five-wicket haul, making a remarkable impact on the match.

Introduced into the attack in the 15th over, Sharma wasted no time, dismissing the dangerous Suryakumar Yadav and Vishnu Vinod in quick succession. He continued his onslaught in the 17th over, claiming two more wickets to complete his five-wicket haul. Sharma’s outstanding performance included figures of 5 wickets for just 9 runs in his allotted two overs.

The Gujarat Titans’ victory was a collective team effort, but Sharma’s heroics with the ball were exceptional. His ability to take crucial wickets at crucial moments turned the match in the Titans’ favor and ended the Mumbai Indians’ playoff journey.

With this triumph, the Gujarat Titans have earned their spot in the finals, where they will prepare for an electrifying showdown. Sharma’s outstanding performance will be remembered by fans and players, while Shubman Gill’s remarkable century for the Mumbai Indians highlighted his talent but couldn’t prevent defeat against the Titans.

Mohit Sharma, the talented bowler of the GT team, credited a stroke of luck for his quick five-wicket haul in a recent match. While the ball was skidding nicely, Sharma acknowledged the potential threat posed by the formidable partnership between SKY and Tilak. Recognizing the need to break their momentum, Sharma had made up his mind not to experiment too much while bowling against SKY.

In a team meeting, it was discussed that trying too many variations against Surya Kumar Yadav could actually work in his favor. To counter this, the strategy was to consistently bowl length deliveries. Sharma acknowledged that even if they were hit for sixes, it wouldn’t matter as they believed that length deliveries were the most challenging for Yadav to play his shots against.

Although the match was far from over at that stage, Sharma emphasized the significance of Yadav’s dismissal. Taking his wicket provided a sense of relief and also brought the team back into the game. Sharma felt that it was only after that crucial wicket that they could visualize the possibility of reaching the final. Having experienced both victories and defeats from seemingly impossible situations in the past, Sharma understood that a match is never truly over until the final ball is bowled.

Sharma’s remarkable performance and his understanding of the game’s intricacies showcase his strategic thinking and adaptability on the field. His willingness to stick to a plan and execute it effectively against a skilled batsman like Surya Kumar Yadav played a crucial role in shifting the balance in GT’s favor. Sharma’s humility in acknowledging the element of luck and the collective effort of the team further highlights his team-oriented mindset.

As the GT team progresses in the tournament, Sharma’s exceptional display serves as a source of inspiration for his teammates. The ability to seize crucial moments and make an impact when it matters most is a valuable asset in the world of cricket. With their sights set on the final, Sharma and his teammates are determined to continue their winning momentum and overcome any challenges that come their way.

Mohit Sharma’s insightful reflections on his performance and the team’s approach exemplify the spirit and determination within the GT camp. As they prepare for the upcoming matches, fans can expect more strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment from Sharma and the entire GT team.

I was a bit lucky to get five wickets so quickly. The ball was skidding nicely, but the way SKY and Tilak were batting we felt the game could slip if they didn’t get out. I had decided that if I am bowling against SKY, I won’t experiment much. We had a meeting where we discussed that we mustn’t try too much against Surya, it makes things easier for him. So the idea was to bowl length balls. Even if we get hit for six sixes it doesn’t matter, because we felt that is the length most difficult for him to play his shots. The match wasn’t over at that stage, but that wicket (Surya’s wicket) meant that we were in the game. There was a big relief to take that wicket. I felt we can visualize the final only after that last wicket, we here at GT have won and lost games from baffling situations before, so it is never over till it is over.