IND vs AUS: Plane crashes 30km away from Indian cricket team hotel in Sydney

30km away from Sydney Olympic Park, where all the Indian cricket squad along with other local cricketers and footballers are living in quarantine survived a light plane crash into sporting field at Croner Park where they were playing on Saturday.

Cricket and football matches were happening when out of nowhere plane crashed into the filed, just a little away from the sporting field where there was a huge gathering of players.


“I yelled out to the guys in the shed, I just said run. They started running,” Greg Rollins, the senior vice-president of the Cromer Cricket Club said.

Scott Manning, whose father and girlfriend were inside the sporting shed said Nine Network, “I ran screaming and he [the pilot] somehow just got over the top of that shed. That would have taken out, I’m sure, 12 people.”

The two occupants of the plane have survived this plane crash despite getting injured. The plane crashed after its engine stalled mid-air.