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Here are top 5 content portals in India you should follow

In a survey conducted last year, it was observed that Television reaches 77 percent of the India’s population of above 12 years of age, while newspapers 39 percent and magazine 6 percent. Though, the internet is believed to be accessed by all the people – age, gender, and region.

Here are the 5 top content portals in the country, which maximum people visit:


The Logical Indian:

The website claims to publish handpicked, newsworthy stories that deserve the attention of a rational generation.

YourStory: is the country’s largest and definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs related stories, resources, research reports and analysis of the startup.


Focussing majorly on Indian film industry, this web portal publishes news, reviews, and interviews of the film and the television industry.


Storypick is a social news and media company that for the young online Indian audience. This site publishes the human-interest stories from day-to-day life.


With the birth of memes, trolls, and viral video culture, websites like RVCJ came into limelight. This website shares the latest funny videos, memes, and jokes on various subjects.