Google search trends show the most searched keywords during lockdown

Since the last couple of days, some of the key search terms that have been trending on Google are ‘how to stay connected’ and ‘virtual get-togethers’. People have been staying indoors due to the lockdown, and some are away from their family and friends and are looking for ways to stay in touch with them. Some of the top key searches for the week have been ‘virtual dance party’ and ‘virtual love’. Last month, the terms ‘how to keep in touch’ and ‘how to clean room’ have been quite popular as well. This suggests that people have been trying different things to keep themselves busy in this lockdown.

All the search trends that have been released by Google over the week show the highly searched words on the website. It can be seen that people have started making a shift from exercising, cooking, reading books, listening to music and how to stay organised. Now, they are looking for ways to stay connected with their family and friends, virtually.

Here are some of the widely used search terms:

Virtual Hug
It has been one of the most searched terms on Google in the last couple of days. Over the last 30 days, people from Philipines have used the term ‘virtual hug’ more than anyone in the world. Similarly, people from Australia searched for ‘virtual flowers’ more than anywhere else.

How To Stay Connected
Google observed that this term has been largely searched on its site now, more than ever. During this pandemic, it can be presumed that ‘staying connected virtually’ has become the new normal for people.

Virtual Dance Party
Apart from sending ‘virtual hugs’ and ‘quarantine wishes’, google search trends highlighted that people looked for ways to stay healthy and fit for a ‘virtual dance party’. An increase in the search term for ‘virtual dance class’ has also been seen.

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