From Reply 1988 to Signal, here’s a list of 5 K-dramas with strong family themes

The core of the family is a recurring subject in the dynamic world of Korean dramas that captivates fans with its warmth and trustworthiness.

From the nostalgic lanes of “Reply 1988” to the thrilling plots of “Signal,” these five Korean dramas deftly tell themes of love, sacrifice, and the everlasting relationships that bind families together.


1) Reply 1988
The Power of Pop Culture in “Reply 1988” | The New Yorker
“Reply 1988” is a nostalgic journey that transports viewers back to the late 1980s and centered around five families living in a Seoul neighborhood. The play eloquently conveys the essence of growing up, adolescent challenges, and the family’s steadfast support throughout critical periods.

2) My Father is Strange
My Father is Strange | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
In “My Father is Strange,” a famous actor’s family goes through a transformation when a stranger claims to be their father and enters their life. This touching drama delves into the dynamics of an unusual family as they navigate misconceptions and surprising connections.

3) What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim” Cast Picks Their Favorite Scenes From The Drama | Soompi
Despite being largely a romantic comedy, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” digs into the protagonist’s complicated family history. The drama deftly peels back the layers of the characters’ lives, demonstrating how familial ties form their identities and influence their relationships.

4) Five Enough
Prime Video: Five Enough
“Five Enough” is a lovely family drama that depicts the lives of two families that are thrown together by chance. The series, which is centered on the idea of second chances, looks into the challenges and rewards of mixing families while emphasizing the strength that comes from unity.

5) Signal
Signal | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
“Signal” adds suspense to the list by flawlessly combining a riveting crime thriller with a poignant exploration of familial connections. The heroes, linked across time by a mysterious walkie-talkie, solve riddles that affect not only their own lives but also the lives of others they care about.