Cyclone Nisarga: Mumbai manages to stay afloat

To the country’s relief the financial capital, Mumbai has managed to stay afloat on the storm, Cyclone Nisarga. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) alerted Mumbai, Thane and Palghar of the cyclone. It intensified as severe in the early hours today. The landfall began by noon and continued for three hours. Several trees have been left uprooted. However, thankfully the storm was not as intense as expected. The maximum wind speed recorded by IMD Colaba observatory was 49.95kmph and by Santacruz observatory was 22.2kmph.

“The landfall occurred around noon and at that time the eye of the cyclone was near Alibaug where the wind speed reported was than 125kmph,” said KS Hosalikar, Deputy Director-General of the western region of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).


Mahesh Palawat, Vice President, Meteorology and Climate Change at private forecasting agency Skymet Weather Services said, “In case of Mumbai, we were expecting winds speed to touch up to 100-110 kmph however with the storm having gone much to the south of Alibaug the maximum wind speed witnessed was 50-55 kmph For Mumbai it was like the usual monsoon rains and by evening the intensity of the cyclone started reducing as well.”

An independent meteorologist Akshay Deoras said, “The impact in Mumbai was less than expected and more so because the cyclone continued to struggle as it could not build upon its intensity. In the morning, it was crucial to see which direction it was heading. This is still a big lesson for Mumbai because had the cyclone moved towards North it would have affected the city badly.”

According to IMD, the skies are expected to be clear by tomorrow.