Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty gets Jay Bhanushali beaten by the housemates; The latter says, “Kya hogaya hai tujhko?”

In an Extra Masala clip, Shamita covers up Jay with a blanket and encourages everyone to come and hit him, which creates a chaos!

With the entry of wild card contestants, Bigg Boss 15 seems a little more promising. Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin, contestants of Bigg Boss OTT entered the current house, however the former’s love connection with Shamita Shetty is something that fans are excited to watch.

In an Extra Masala footage, aired on Voot, Shamita can be seen tickling Raqesh so that he doesn’t dose off. Getting annoyed by the constant poking, the latter says, “Chodh na yaar.” Hearing which, Jay Bhanushali jumps into the conversation, and tries to gaslight Shamita on how rude Raqesh is to her. Everyone being in a fun mood, Shamita tries to cover Jay with a blanket, and starts hitting him. She also calls Neha Bhasin to help her with hitting Jay.


Being smacked through the blanket, Jay says, “Aree tujhe ho kya gaya hai? Itne din kaha thi ye Shamita?” to which she just gives an evil laugh and jumps on him while still punching him. Trying to take advantage of the situation, Meisha Iyer, Rajiv Adatia and Neha also start hitting Jay with pillows. There’s a chaos created when all of them start pillow-fight and they jump on the beds while doing the same.

Rare moments of housemates having a fight but not an aggressive one!