Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan teases Jasmin Bhasin to get married with Aly Goni, says “Ladka bhi aa gaya hai, ab kar lo”

Jasmin Bhasin blushes as Rahul Mahajan teases her to get married to Aly Goni.

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin was seen blushing as Rahul Mahajan teased her about getting married to alleged boyfriend Aly Goni. Aly entered the house as a wild card and charmed the audience. But due to losing a task, he had to leave. Jasmin was crying recently while talking about Aly.

In the recent episode, Rahul is seen asking Jasmin to get married. He says, “Ladka bhi aa gaya, ab kar lo.” Jasmin looks surprised with Rahul’s comment and questions, “Where is the guy?” Rahul answers her that he was talking about the same person, for whom she was waiting. Jasmin smiles at him.


Jasmin adds that, “If two friends care for each other, should they get married?” Rahul nods in affirmative, and says that it is the best possible option. He adds that one should marry their bestfriend.

Jasmin counters Rahul and says, “Uski bhi chahat honi chahiye, voh propose bhi toh kare.” Rahul tells her, “Propose vagera Bigg Boss dekh lenge.” Jasmin blushes as she asked that if it was even possible. Rahul teases her and says, “Matlab aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai.”

In the recent episode, Jasmin cried as she told Vikas Gupta that she misses Aly a lot. When Vikas tells her to open up and be happy. She says that she been off since Aly’s exit. She enjoyed her time with him on the show and misses him a lot.