Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia gets emotional expressing her feelings for Eijaz Khan, says ‘I don’t want to lose him’

Pavitra Punia has opened up on having one-sided feelings for housemate Eijaz Khan, as she feels emotionally connected to him.


Bigg Boss 14 is successfully making it to the headlines everyday with something or the other which keeps the viewers entertained. The show works on three main points- Drama, Controversies and Fights, and well this season has by far been successful to provide all of this in just a week! The show has now entered into its second week with a bang, with already one contestant making an exit from the house.

One thing which is lacking in this season is the emotional bonds amongst housemates. As of yet the viewers are not able to see any form of equations budding up between the contestants. However, in Monday’s episode we did see a little spark between Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan, while they were sitting in a corner and the rest of the housemates were jamming in the bedroom.

Pavitra has expressed her fondness towards Eijaz which was also very evident from her body language. The actress was seen quite comfortable around Eijaz giving him warm hugs and kisses, and it seemed even Eijaz was happy in her company. But now it seems that Pavitra has started feeling that this might just be a one-sided thing with Eijaz not reciprocating her feelings.

In a video shared by Colors TV, we can see Rubina Dilaik and Pavitra Punia in a conversation where the latter pours her heart out talking about her equation with Eijaz. “I tried giving it a shot with you (Eijaz) because I feel you are a nice personperson and maybe you will be able to understand me from the rest of the housemates.” Pavitra said this in context of Eijaz.

She further expressed it in front of Rubina, “A connection was possible but love has to be feeled from both the sides, one sided equations don’t work.” The actress also felt an emotional connection with Eijaz as she mentions that she could feel that loneliness within him. The promo ends on an emotional note where Pavitra says, “I don’t want to lose him”.
Well, we are just hoping for the best to happen as the two would make a lovely couple inside the house!
Here’s the promo: