AUS vs IND: Kapil Dev says split captaincy cannot work in the Indian cricket culture

Indian cricket fans are used to one captain leading the team in all three formats. However, numerous teams are trying different captains for different formats. Kapil Dev, who led team India to their first Cricket World in 1983, believes otherwise. The former Indian all-rounder believes split captaincy may create differences between players, Virat Kohli should lead the team if he continues to play T20Is.

The debate of split captaincy, took off after Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians (MI) to their fifth IPL title. Several former cricketers started suggesting that Sharma should be given a chance to captain Indian T20 side. However, Kapil Dev disagrees with them.


The former India skipper Kapil Dev on Friday said “An MNC cannot have two CEOs”, putting his point articulately on the split captaincy debate.

Kapil Dev who was part of HT Leadership Summit, which was held virtually said “In our culture, it is not going to happen that way. In one company you make two CEOs? No. If Kohli is going to play T20s and he is good enough, let him be there. Even though I would like to see other people coming out. But it’s difficult,”

He further added “Our 80 per cent, 70 per cent of the team across formats is the same team. They don’t like captains having different theory. It may bring more differences between the players who look up to the captain.
Sharma will miss limited-overs series against the Australians. Virat Kohli will depart to India, after the end of the first Test match. which can give an upper hand to the Kangaroos.