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Asim Riaz’s latest song ‘Piya re Piya’ is OUT NOW!

This Valentine will give a sweet and romantic warmth to the couple. As ‘Piya Re Piya’ song is out now .

As we all know, valentine’s week is going on. The week is the mark of romance, love, and togetherness with the beloved partner. Today, 12th February is celebrated as the hug day.

On this special day- a romantic song is ‘Piya re Piya’ is out and the lyrics are so mesmerizing. The tweet goes viral for this song and the song is receiving mass traffic and comments.

People are continuously commenting on Twitter for this song. They are showing their love for Asim Riaz and his soothing song.

The lyrics of the song are effective and heart touching which signifies, “At one point in the song, the lyrics are particularly effective: ‘You have grabbed my heart and you have left me to wait for you, I wait for you from sunrise to sunset.’ After many years, lyricists Rashid Khan and Anjaan Sagari have written a song that is really cleverly written. Most importantly, Firoz E Khan’s choreography is fascinating.”

Asim Riaz has advertised many brands and his modeling on Lenskart was very popular. Riaz began his career in music as a rapper, releasing his first single, Back to Start.