Ashes 2023: Controversial run-out leaves Bairstow out of his crease

During the ongoing Ashes clash, a controversial incident unfolded, resulting in Jonny Bairstow being run out and sparking a contentious debate regarding the “spirit of cricket.”

The sequence of events occurred when Mitchell Green delivered a short ball wide of the off-stump, prompting Bairstow to opt not to play a shot.


However, instead of remaining in his crease, Bairstow leisurely strolled towards his partner without signaling to the wicketkeeper or slip fielders that he had no intention of attempting a run.

Bairstow’s lack of caution proved to be a costly mistake, as Alex Carey, the Australian wicketkeeper, closely observed his movements.

With remarkable accuracy, Carey struck the stumps directly, leaving Bairstow far from safety. The Australian team erupted in celebrations, while the appeal was met with a clear indication that Bairstow had ventured out of his crease.