8 types of ducks in cricket, know for which duck did David Miller get out


When David Miller got out without any runs for today’s match the commentator’s scrambled for the exact duck he walked out of the field.

Hence, here is the list to different types of ducks in cricket for which a cricketer can get dismissed in cricket so that it becomes easy for the fans to label.

There are 8 different types of ducks in cricket, which are as follows:

Golden Duck: When a batter is dismissed or gets out after the very first ball of the innings without scoring any run, it is said to be a golden duck.

Silver Duck: When a batsman gets out in the second ball of the innings that he faces without scoring a single run, it is known as silver duck.

Bronze Duck: When a batsman is dismissed with zero runs, in the third innings it is called as bronze duck.

Diamond Duck: When a batsman gets out without facing a single ball like Miller did in today’s match is called as a Diamond Duck.

Diamond Duck is applicable in case of run-outs and time outs.

Royal Duck: This is generally applicable for the openers as this term is applied when they get out in the first ball of the innings.

Laughing Duck: While ending the team’s innings, when a batsman gets out for a duck it is known as Laughing Duck.

Pair: When a batsman is removed for naught in both the innings of the test match it is called as pair.

King Pair: When a batter gets out in the very first ball that he faces of both the innings of a test match without scoring single run, it is called a king pair.