Zoom rolls out updates with automatic focus mode, Check details here

The company is also designing a tablet that aims to take less space in your room and will offer premium sound for video calls.

San-Jose based Zoom is rolling out updates that come with new features and security enhancements. Users will now be able to hold meetings in the workspace, share cloud recordings and video mails.

The company is rolling out new features where hosts can schedule meeting with zoom for any browser, and users can enable Focus mode to start automatically when the meeting starts, in order to provide fewer distractions to all meeting participants.


Another feature where hosts can assign scheduling privileges to other users in the application, users can choose if they can manage any meetings that were marked as private in Google Calendar. If they cannot manage private events, these users cannot see the invite link, meeting topic or attendee list.

Workspace reservation will now allow users to book co-working places using a map that can be accessed remotely. The update will be available at the end of this month.

The platform has also added the Missed Video calls feature where you can quickly check on what you missed throughout the day. By clicking on the notification it will directly leave you to the meeting. Now you can also save zoom chat, stickers and GIFs on your device that will be displayed in your message box.

The company is also collaborating with Amazon, where Amazon Fire Tv users will be able to download the application and take zoom calls inside of their living room, though a high-definition 1080p web camera will be required to perform video calling.