Xane: An AI driven chatbot that saves man power, money and helps businesses increase their growth!

Xane is an Artificially Intelligent chatbot which engages one-to-one with the employees in targeted conversations and analyses free-text data & generates actionable insights using its self-developed Machine Learning engine.

Founded by Ayush Jain in 2017, Xane AI a Gurgaon based start up with a team of 4 people Bhaveet (Lead Back-End Developer), Prafful (Lead Front-End Developer), Astha (Marketing Manager), & Yashika (Business Development Manager) working on an AI chatbot aimed at revolutionizing user experience using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent engine to build analysis over the sentiment to help the management take necessary decisions. Xane plans to hire around 15 people in tech and five more in sales this year.


Jain started this venture just after completing his graduation from IIT Delhi in May 2017. The major obstacle for him was building a team of dynamic and motivated individuals who would join him on this journey. “Finding people who would work for less compensation, no fancy office and for a single founder company. Making them feel the idea and its potential was another barrier especially when you are just 6 months old as a company.” Explains Jain.

Xane is trying to fill the missing gap where companies adapt the system of feedback through online or offline surveys. However, such surveys are ineffective and users do not take them seriously assuming no actions ever be taken on that. Xane engages one-to-one with the employees, or stakeholder, and tries to collectivize their sentiments about their experiences. Our mission is to provide qualitative feedback to the authorities to enable them to take necessary decisions to maintain the engagement, thereby decreasing the attrition.

Currently, they are working with 7 clients in 3 countries. Initially when they started most of them were through his Alumni referrals but now they are focusing on going to conferences and showcasing the product at events in order to generate leads and get the word out.

Xane inclined more towards analytics rather than just being a chatbot company in the marketplace. Its vision is to help organizations leverage data and effectively use it to transform their processes whether it is about employee feedback data or customer feedback.

Artificial Intelligence is growing so fast. The first Chatbot was initiated in 1966. Though, it was unable to pass the turning test.

AI Chatbots offers great help to the marketing team to improve the brand or product or increasing the sales that increase the future scope of the company’s welfare. These days you will get a lot of crowd on a social media platform to exchange information to chatting instead of text messages & the same way Chatbot can be further used for surveys for employee feedback.” he says.