Vyopta unveils Aviator: A revolutionary AI Tech Support System

Vyopta’s Aviator offers real-time technical support, enhances user experiences, and boosts ROI through AI-driven solutions.

Vyopta, a global leader in digital collaboration and experience optimization, has unveiled its latest innovation, an AI-assisted technical support system called ‘Aviator’. This new system is designed to provide customers with real-time support by answering queries and resolving issues, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Described as ‘context-aware’, Aviator leverages the Vyopta Community and Vyopta customer knowledge base to offer personalized assistance to users. The platform is integrated within the Vyopta platform and aims to enhance user experiences across the customer journey, including support for onboarding and changes to the collaboration setup.


Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta, expressed his excitement about the launch of Aviator, stating that early feedback from customers who have used the system has been overwhelmingly positive. He emphasized that AI initiatives like Aviator not only enhance customer experience and autonomy but also allow Vyopta Customer Services to deliver greater value when leveraging Vyopta for new projects.

One of the key features of Aviator is its ability to provide insights into data analytics, making it particularly useful for users with a limited understanding of the technology. The system can also serve as a smart glossary, offering quick definitions for data terminology to help users grow their proficiency with data insights.

In addition to its customer support capabilities, Aviator has been integrated with the Vyopta platform to assist with troubleshooting and configurations, effectively nullifying wait times for support. The system can also be applied to various use cases, such as simplifying the onboarding process for new customers and expanding support for businesses adding new infrastructure and devices.

Overall, Aviator represents a significant improvement to Vyopta’s support services, offering customers real-time assistance, enhancing user experiences, and increasing organizations’ return on investment.