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Twitter redesigns iOS app homepage to flip between “For You” and “Following” tabs

Twitter’s iOS update allows users choose between “For You” and “Following” from the site.


Elon Musk recently revealed that Twitter’s user interface is going to undergo major revisions in the very near future. And it would appear that the microblogging platform has begun the process of implementing a newly revamped homepage interface.

It appears that the revised user interface is not accessible on any other versions of the Twitter app than the iOS version. The ‘Home’ and ‘Latest’ tabs have been replaced in the redesigned user interface with new tabs labelled ‘For You’ and ‘Following,’ allowing users to more quickly navigate between the two categories of content. The two new tabs have been set on top of the timeline so that they are easier to access.

Previously, users were required to touch on the symbol that resembled a star and was located at the very top of the timeline in order to select between ‘For You’ and ‘Latest’ tweets.

The “For You” part displays tweets that you may find interesting, while the “Latest” section displays the most recent tweets from accounts that you follow. This area is intended for users who are not yet familiar with Twitter. Additionally, Twitter has not yet confirmed whether or not the updates will be sent out to the Android version of the app, so for the time being, we will just have to wait and watch.