Twitter is officially gone: Elon Musk confirms X has taken over as new domain

After months of anticipation and somewhat chaotic transition, the social network formerly known as Twitter, has officially adopted as their primary domain. Entering ‘’ into your browser will take you to, which is favored by its owner Elon Musk, however, some users might still experience mixed results, which might be due to their login status and choice of browser.

At the bottom of the X login page, a message can be read, which assures users that their privacy and data protection settings remain unchanged despite the URL shift. This marks the culmination of rebranding efforts, which were initiated by the Tesla founder, who envision the social media platform as “everything app” similar to China’s WeChat.


While many aspects of the platform, such as its official accounts, subscription service, and mobile apps, had transitioned to ‘X’ long time ago, its lingering URLs had been a source of confusion and also a vulnerability for phishing attacks.

The transition is not without historical significance for Musk, who launched a financial services company under name in 1999, which later on merged to form PayPal.

The latest iteration of X, is however intended towards a broader range of services, including messaging, payments, and other functions which goes beyond traditional social media.