Top employee recognition software for 2022


As an employer, you should know the importance of employee recognition in any organization or firm. Employee appreciation is essential in assisting companies in providing an excellent employee experience.

Companies are stepping up their efforts to create a substantial reward and recognition program for their employees to show appreciation for their commitment and hard work in addition to encouraging and making them feel valued and part of a team.

What is Employee Recognition software?

Employee recognition software is a technology that assists businesses in automating, running, and managing recognition-based activities.

People value each other’s efforts, qualities, and strengths when appreciated, which helps establish a comfortable environment. Employees are given the freedom to acknowledge the efforts of others thanks to the dedicated tool. It significantly changes the corporate culture by making employee recognition a regular practice.

Consider it a digital platform where you can recognize and praise your employees’ daily accomplishments and efforts. Not only that, but you may also give real gifts like gift cards in exchange for your praise.

Most of these employee recognition systems use exciting features to make them more interesting, engaging, and interactive. The objective is to promote workplace recognition, which significantly raises employee morale, company culture, and corporate values.

Best Employee Recognition Software of 2022

  • Bonusly

Bonusly is a well-liked platform for employee recognition that is interactive, enjoyable, and practical. Everyone on the team may enjoy recognizing and praising their teammates, thanks to the program. The solution offers high enough levels of visibility and scalability to establish a consistent recognition culture across the entire business.

Additionally, it makes it easier to run brief questionnaires to get honest feedback from your staff. The tool also integrates effectively with any additional communication tools you may already utilize. Its features include cash gifts for the most active employees, easy to use platform, customized awards, a comment section for employees to leave feedback, and a detailed record and analysis of employees’ recognition trends. There are more features, and you can read more here.

With this software, employers can easily build a near-perfect work environment for their employees. Your staff will feel more valued and appreciated, which builds engagement, transparency, fairness, and loyalty in your organization. With as little as $3 per month, employers can use this software, and if you want to enjoy the full features, you can upgrade to the pro or custom plan.

  • Nectar


Nectar is one of the best employee recognition programs for various reasons, including elevating key business values, fostering a strong community, and honoring employees’ exceptional efforts.

Peer-to-peer and top-down recognition are supported by its complete platform’s social recognition feature. The system comes with a potent rewards package that includes anything from branded goods to virtual gift cards and Amazon stuff. Redeeming prizes is likewise an easy process. The solution allows you to recognize your top performers directly, saving you valuable time.

The software offers both top-down and peer-to-peer recognition, powerful reward suites, third-party integration, the ability to schedule bonuses, and thousands of discounts for all your employees, wherever they are.

You can use a demo of the software if it’s your first time. And if you decide to register with the platform, you pay a monthly fee of $3 for a standard plan and an additional $1.50 for a plus plan.

  • Awardco

Awardco is an all-in-one employee recognition system that simplifies the process of recognizing and rewarding employees for their efforts and accomplishments. The software offers a variety of incentive possibilities for a personalized and unique experience.

Employees may receive Amazon gift cards as a reward or Awardco points that can be used to pay for hotels, charitable contributions, and other things. No matter where they are, the system is intended to help workers feel good about their employment. In other words, by utilizing Awardco, you can easily recognize your office-based and remote employees.

The platform is easy to use, and there is a reminder for every celebration, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

This software provides employees with relevant rewards, improving their productivity and creating a positive working environment. You can request a demo and the pricing list on their official website if you want to try it out.

  • Terryberry

Terryberry employee recognition software includes several modules, including a peer recognition program, service anniversary honors, and accomplishment awards. Together, these modules support the development recognition culture in the business. It identifies the potential and strengths while providing HR with a comprehensive view of the organization’s culture of recognition.

The software features include performance and incentive awards, custom rewards, peer-to-peer recognition, social recognition, record tracking of employees’ performance, manager-to-peer recognition, and more. The software also has a free trial for new users and a monthly fee of $250.

Other highly rated employee recognition software include Kudos, Assembly, Mo Work, Bravo, Blueboard, Vantage Rewards, Motivosity, and many more. Such software might be the solution to take your work to another level. You can trust these platforms to help you appreciate and reward your employees for their efforts and hard work in the organization.