TikTok launches native Apple Vision Pro App,beats YouTube to the punch

TikTok has made a significant move by releasing a new native experience for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, offering users an immersive way to view short-form videos.

TikTok has made a significant move in the world of spatial computing by launching a new native experience for Apple’s Vision Pro headset. The announcement, made via a post on the popular X social media platform, marks TikTok’s entry into the expanding library of apps on the visionOS App Store.

The new TikTok app offers Vision Pro users an immersive way to view short-form videos, optimized for the headset’s spatial computing capabilities. This move is seen as a major coup for Apple, as TikTok’s immense popularity among Gen Z users could showcase the Vision Pro’s potential for consuming short-form video content.


The launch of the TikTok app comes at a time when there were initial concerns about limited native app experiences for the Vision Pro. Reports in early January suggested that only around 150 apps were available, but this number quickly grew to 600 by early February.

Despite the growing number of apps, app engagement remains relatively low, with many developers reporting download figures in the mere hundreds. However, the availability of well-known apps like TikTok could help improve engagement in the future.

Native app support has been a challenge for the Vision Pro, with major players like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix initially declining to develop apps for the platform. Lack of proper app support was cited as one of the most common reasons for returning the headset, along with concerns about weight and discomfort.

However, YouTube recently confirmed plans to launch a Vision Pro app, indicating that TikTok may soon face competition from YouTube’s Shorts feature. This move could further drive engagement on the Vision Pro platform and highlight the growing importance of spatial computing in the world of short-form video content.

TikTok’s launch of a native app for the Apple Vision Pro headset is a significant development that highlights the growing interest in spatial computing and its potential to revolutionize the way we consume content. With more well-known apps expected to join the platform, the Vision Pro could become a key player in the world of immersive content experiences.