Tata Group, Vodafone among companies adopting neuro research marketing

Large companies like Tata Group, LinkedIn, Vodafone, Mars and Kimberly Clark are all set to adopt the neuro research to gauge effectiveness of marketing, advertising and packaging, said Nielsen consumer neurosciences president Joe Willke in a statement.

The neuro science research technique collects data from respondents by brain recordings and facial coding in specialised labs, instead of verbal or emailed responses. It also comprise of respondents, who are given money to sign up for the research. Once the research is done, they are welcomed to a Nielsen lab which gathers information from them through brain mapping, facial coding and biometrics.


“The key differentiator of this type of research is it gives second by second insights on whether a particular brand, pack, ad or promotion is working or not. From traditional research methods, you don’t get this granularity,” Joe Willke said.

Willke, who visited India recently, shared that the country is now among the top five markets acroos the globe that are embracing market research based on neuroscience given its high potential of more than a billion customers and also revealed that organisations are increasingly incorporating the research along with traditional research for marketing motives.

Willke also informed that the costs involved in this research, which were steep earlier given the high technology it involves, are increasingly decreasing with scale.