Talisman Plastics invests in MacroPower technology from WIBA UK for enhanced Injection moulding production

Talisman Plastics, formerly LGG Charlesworth, has embraced cutting-edge MacroPower-based injection moulding technology from Wittmann (WIBA UK), boosting its manufacturing capabilities.

Talisman Plastics, formerly known as LGG Charlesworth, has recently invested in a MacroPower-based injection moulding production cell from Wittmann (WIBA UK), marking a significant advancement in its manufacturing capabilities. This investment comes as part of Talisman Plastics’ centenary celebration, highlighting its longstanding commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

Mark Fellowes, Talisman’s operations director, praised WIBA UK for its exceptional service and the compact design of the MacroPower machine, which has a significantly smaller footprint compared to competitors. The machine’s energy efficiency was another key factor in the decision-making process, aligning with Talisman’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


In addition to the MacroPower machine, WIBA UK provided a comprehensive solution that included 4.0 connectivity, B8 Unilog control, Robotics and Automation, Conveying, Dosing and Guard Control, Materials Drying and Dispensing, and additional lighting, ensuring compliance with security and health and safety requirements.

Fellowes emphasized the value of single-source supply, highlighting the convenience and synergy provided by WIBA UK as a manufacturer. This partnership not only streamlines the procurement process but also opens up opportunities for aftersales service and partnership.

Talisman’s marketing strategy focuses on maximizing value and volume through Pareto-based analysis of customers and markets, leading to a fivefold reduction in unprofitable business over the past five years. The company is now strategically focused on value-giving sectors such as automotive, fluid transfer, electricals, and moulded food packaging.

Spencer Whale, Talisman’s sales director, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, aligning with WIBA UK’s vision for the future of manufacturing. Adrian Walters, WIBA UK sales engineer, expressed pride in collaborating with Talisman on this project and looks forward to future joint projects as Talisman’s successful strategy continues to yield positive results.

Talisman Plastics’ investment in the MacroPower-based injection moulding production cell from WIBA UK represents a significant milestone in its journey towards excellence in manufacturing. This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the manufacturing industry.