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Specifications and availability of Samsung’s latest OLED smart TVs, which start at Rs. 1.7 lakh

Using a 4K Neural Quantum Processor, Samsung has introduced a new line of OLED TVs built in India. S95C and S90C are two series available in the new smart TV line-up.

Highlights : 

  1. India is the country of origin for Samsung’s OLED TV line.
  2.  A two-year warranty is included with the new line of smart TVs.
  3. The remote control for Samsung OLED TVs is solar-powered.

Samsung has expanded its foothold in the market for smart TVs by introducing a new line of OLED TVs in India. All of the new OLED TV models, according to Samsung, are made in India and have a 4K Neural Quantum Processor. The line consists of two smart TV models, the S95C and S90C, with starting costs of Rs 1,69,990.

Samsung announced during the unveiling that its new OLED TV line is the first in the world to have received approval from PANTONE for accurate portrayal of 110 skin tone tones and 2,030 Pantone colours. Additionally, the TVs include a smart EyeComfort Mode that intelligently changes the brightness level according on the ambient light levels.

Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, commented on the unveiling by saying, “We are pushing the frontiers of innovation with our new line of OLED TVs. By merging the 4K Neural Quantum Processor with OLED screens, we have improved OLED TVs and can now provide stunning visuals. We will be able to further solidify our position as industry leaders in the premium TV space thanks to the introduction of new OLED TVs.

Price and availability information about Samsung OLED TVs : 

Samsung has unveiled its newest OLED TV lineup, which consists of the S95C and S90C models. Both series come in three sizes: 77 inches, 65 inches, and 55 inches. The series’ starting price is Rs 169,990. Customers may buy these TVs online at Samsung.com as well as through reputable retailers all around India.

For consumers who are interested, Samsung has also made a special announcement. Through popular bank credit cards, consumers can receive up to 20% cashback on their purchases. There are also EMI options available, with prices beginning at Rs 2,990. A 2-year warranty is also included with every OLED TV model.

Specifications of the Samsung OLED TV lineup :

Samsung has announced its newest line of OLED TVs, providing a remarkable entertainment experience with the Neural Quantum Processor 4K. Astonishing detail and brightness are produced by its cutting-edge processor’s use of AI-based algorithms to analyse information scene by scene. The use of HDR OLED+ technology further improves each picture, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the finest elements of each scene.

Notably, PANTONE has validated the new Samsung Smart TV line, making it the first in the world to acquire this honour. Samsung claims that the display would provide users with an incredibly lifelike and immersive visual experience thanks to its exact portrayal of 2,030 Pantone colours and 110 skin tone tones. Additionally, the line has a smart EyeComfort Mode that intelligently adjusts the TV’s brightness level based on ambient light, enhancing image quality for pleasant viewing in any setting.

Wireless Dolby Atmos and OTS+ technology are features that Samsung’s OLED TV line has to offer, providing viewers with an immersive audio and visual experience. By offering an edge-to-edge image and expanding the viewing area, the Infinity One Design further enhances immersion.

Additionally, Samsung has unveiled a detachable one-connect box that, by neatly tucking away connections and reducing visual clutter, guarantees a setup free of mess. Convenience is furthered with a remote control that is supplied and is solar-powered with few buttons. According to Samsung, this battery-free remote may also be charged by electromagnetic waves released by various household appliances, like WiFi routers, or by interior illumination.

The Samsung OLED TV line also has a number of capabilities that might improve the gaming experience for those who like it. Input latency and motion blur are successfully eliminated with the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, which also provides clear images and quick gaming performance. Gamers can anticipate an exciting and immersive gaming experience with to a 144Hz refresh rate and extra features like Game Bar, Mini Map Zoom, and Virtual Aim Point.

The new line of OLED TVs also contains an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) hub with a peaceful onboarding function and IoT-enabled light and sound sensors, giving consumers easy integration and management over their smart home devices.