Kamal R Khan recent twitter post stirred up controversy against actor Akshay Kumar

Mohammed Rashid Mohammed Iqbal Kamaal, popularly known as Kamal Rashid Khan is famous for expressing controversial viewpoints and making sensational claims on social media. In a recent Twitter post, Kamaal R Khan shared a list of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s recent films along with the financial losses of 600 crores they supposedly incurred. Additionally, he expressed skepticism about the actor’s status as a “Star” despite experiencing a series of consecutive box office failures.



In his Twitter post, he said ” Producers loss for last 5 films of  @akshaykuamar! #Selfie– ₹100Cr loss. #Ramsetu– ₹150Cr loss. #Rakshabandhan₹100Cr loss. #Prithviraj– ₹150Cr loss. #Bachan Pandey– ₹100Cr loss. Total ₹600Cr loss.

But he is still a star. How I can’t understand.”

Prior to this Kamal R Khan has also made an accusation against the renowned actor Akshay Kumar, alleging that he had ordered a contract killing on him while he was in jail. In his tweet that he posted on 9 June 2023 he said, “I have good relationships with everyone in the Bollywood except @akshaykumar! He is the one who gave my supari to kill me in jail and got me arrested. I was lucky to get out of jail. He is again giving my supari to kill me in a police station or jail. If anything will happen to me then Akshay Kumar is fully responsible. @BeingSalmanKhan @iamsrk or #KaranJohar has nothing to do with my murder.”

KRK also made reference to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and accused Akshay Kumar of attempting to harm him. He declared, “Bollywood main Sach Bolne Ka Matlab Hai, Jaan Se Haath Dhona. Sushant Singh Ne Bhi Sach Bola Tha, Gaya Oopar. Ab Akki Mujhe Maarne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hai. Lekin Ye Main Marte Dum Tak Kahoonga Ki Akki Canadian Hai, Indian Nahi. (Speaking the truth in Bollywood means risking your life. Sushant Singh had also spoken the truth and he lost his life. Now, Akki is allegedly trying to kill me. But I will assert until my last breath that Akki is Canadian, not Indian.”)