Just weeks after appointment, Twitter interim grievance officer for India quits

Dharmendra Chatur who is Twitter’s interim resident grievance officer for India quits weeks after appointment.

Twitter’s interim resident grievance officer for India, Dharmendra Chatur who was appointed earlier this month decided to quit, according to the sources quoted by news agency PTI.

Recently, Dharmendra was appointed as the interim resident grievance officer for India. Under the new digital rules that came into force, he was appointed by the microblogging platform.


The microblogging site came face-to-face with the Indian government in quite a number of incidents recently such as the delay in conforming to the new IT rules, removing the blue tick from some handles, and marking a BJP leader’s tweet as manipulated media.

A few days ago, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also alleged Twitter blocked his account for some time.

Twitter is deliberately choosing the path of non-compliance even after getting a lot of opportunities, the government alleged.

“Rule of land is supreme and not your policy,” a parliamentary panel said while reproaching Twitter earlier this month.

May 25 was the date when the IT rules came into effect. It required social media companies to resolve complaints from the users or victims by establishing a grievance redressal mechanism.

The companies were asked to appoint a grievance officer to deal with such complaints. They were also to share the name and contact details of such officers.

It is now mandatory for big social media companies to appoint a chief compliance officer, a nodal contact person and a resident grievance officer. All of these individuals should be resident in India.