"Is 40-LPA salary good enough for a 23-year-old in India?", Twitter is broken by responses | Business Upturn

“Is 40-LPA salary good enough for a 23-year-old in India?”, Twitter is broken by responses

Although it is unknown why she asked the query on Twitter, the tweet gained 1.1 million views and several retweets and likes.

At the beginning of their careers, freshmen from various industries are given a variety of wage packages. Freshmen are occasionally content with the money they make, but occasionally they are not and search for alternative employment opportunities.

To be sure, a new employee occasionally has questions about pay that baffle more experienced employees. A woman recently asked in a tweet if a 23-year-old in India could live well on a salary of 40 lakh rupees a year.

While it is unknown why she asked the question on Twitter, it attracted 1.1 million views, numerous retweets, and likes. The tweet also drew a large number of responses, many of which questioned her inquiry while others included caustic comments.

A user said, “You need at least 80- LPA.”

Another user said, “No, if  you’re asking for it otherwise for a normal lifestyle it’s more than enough.” A third person said, “23 year old should be founders of startups otherwise they failed in life.”

Another user said, “Will report this account and block it for making fun of me. “40 lpa is good enough if you’re 6 yrs old not 23 yrs old,” a fifth person said.

In Bengaluru, you need 1CR, another user commented.