India’s Top 10 most followed celebrities on Instagram

In a country where the worlds of Bollywood and cricket command immense admiration, it comes as no surprise that the most-followed Instagram accounts in India are dominated by iconic figures from these two domains. With millions of fans eagerly following their favorite celebrities, a glimpse into the lives of these individuals has become a daily ritual for many. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 most followed Instagram accounts in India, representing the dazzling worlds of entertainment and sports.

1. Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli): The Cricketer Extraordinaire



Virat Kohli stands tall as the crown jewel of Indian cricket, boasting a staggering 256 million followers on Instagram. His charismatic leadership, stellar batting prowess, and captivating personal life have turned him into a global sports icon.


2. Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra): From Bollywood to Hollywood


With 88.8 million followers, Priyanka Chopra has successfully transcended borders, carving a niche for herself in both Bollywood and Hollywood. As an actor, producer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she inspires millions with her versatility and philanthropic efforts.


3. Shraddha Kapoor (@shraddhakapoor): The Bollywood Sweetheart


Shraddha Kapoor’s enchanting presence has earned her a massive following of 82 million on Instagram. Her relatable charm and diverse roles in Hindi cinema have endeared her to fans across the nation.


4. Alia Bhatt (@aliaabhatt): The Youth Icon


With 78.7 million followers, Alia Bhatt reigns as a youth icon in Bollywood. Her natural acting talent, coupled with her social media engagement, makes her a relatable and beloved figure.


5. Narendra Modi (@narendramodi): The Political Powerhouse


As the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has a following of 77.4 million on Instagram. His presence on the platform provides insight into his leadership and initiatives, making him one of the most influential political figures in the world of social media.


6. Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone): Elegance and Grace


Deepika Padukone’s elegance and grace have garnered her 75.1 million followers on Instagram. Her journey from Bollywood to global recognition and advocacy for mental health have made her an admired role model.


7. Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif): The Evergreen Diva


Katrina Kaif’s timeless beauty and talent have earned her a following of 74.9 million on Instagram. Her journey from a British origin to becoming a Bollywood sensation is one that resonates with fans.


8. Neha Kakkar (@nehakakkar): The Melodious Voice


With 74.7 million followers, playback singer Neha Kakkar holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. Her soulful voice and relatable journey to success have struck a chord with fans.


9. Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143): The Glamorous Star


Jacqueline Fernandez’s glamorous presence and engaging content have led to a following of 67.3 million on Instagram. Her dazzling career in Bollywood and her passion for fitness resonate with followers.


10. Urvashi Rautela (@urvashirautela): Beauty and Talent Combined


Urvashi Rautela’s beauty and talent have garnered her 66.6 million followers on Instagram. As an actor and model, she continues to captivate the audience with her charm.


As India’s entertainment and sports industries continue to flourish, these top 10 most followed Instagram accounts in the country serve as a testament to the nation’s love for its favorite celebrities. From cricketing legends to Bollywood icons, these individuals have not only achieved remarkable success in their respective fields but have also captured the hearts and screens of millions, creating an intimate bond with their followers in the digital age.