How to get more followers on TikTok

TikTok is the place to be for anyone wanting to expand their social media presence. Everyone is using the short-video-sharing platform, from big brands to savvy influencers. Yet for people just starting out, knowing how to get more followers on TikTok can seem daunting.

There are at least 1 billion TikTok users — standing out from the crowd can seem impossible.


The good news is that it’s absolutely doable. You can share the content you love and create a loyal following at the same time. Want to learn how to get more followers on TikTok with tips that work? Read on to discover hacks like buying followers, tailing trends, and creating content calendars.

Understanding How to Get More Followers on TikTok — Why It Matters

It makes sense that if you don’t have a decent-sized following, you won’t generate the interaction that gets your brand noticed. The term “Brand” doesn’t necessarily apply to businesses only. Even as an influencer, you have a specific brand in terms of personality, tone of voice, and style.

Most online personalities (and businesses) take an omnichannel approach to marketing. In other words, they’re utilizing multiple online platforms to showcase their content. Including TikTok in that online strategy means you’re gaining access to potentially more than 23% of all internet users.

That’s a statistic you can’t ignore if you want to leverage all available opportunities for extended reach. That’s why we’ve brought together these ideas on how to get more followers on TikTok.

Stay on Top of Trends

Trends are important in all aspects of marketing but particularly so for TikTok. Remember when that dance from the Wednesday Netflix series was everywhere? Accounts that had never seen more than 10 followers suddenly had a huge fanbase thanks to an attempt to copy the iconic moves.

Jumping on a trend like this can be a great way to reach a whole new audience. However, there is a catch. If you get all these followers and then don’t continue to provide consistent, engaging content, they will eventually trickle away. That’s why you should pick and choose your trends carefully.

There’s no point in following a trend that has no connection to you, your brand, or your products and services. Even a tenuous link is fine — but if it’s completely disconnected, your new following will be as well.

Look for trends within your industry or niche. For example, if you share cooking videos, look at the top-performing videos in the food category. Remember, you can always utilize the “Explore” function (pictured below) to discover what’s hot right now.

Take Part in Challenges

Challenges are a big deal on TikTok. They promote instant interaction and unlike old-school social media games (does anyone remember Farmville?) they prompt reactions and sharing. Here’s how it works:

  • Someone, often a brand, poses a challenge.
  • TikTok users watch the relevant video and copy the challenge or adapt it to their own brand/channel.
  • They film the results and share it, which gets the original brand engagement plus the new user sharing it.
  • There’s usually a specific hashtag associated with the challenge so others interested in it can find people getting involved straight away.

Some top challenges that gained accounts tons of engagement include the #GuacDance, lip sync challenges, and food-eating challenges. Don’t make yourself sick just to get followers, though. No one wants to see that!

For even more engagement, why not start a challenge yourself? You’ll have to get creative, though. Explore trends, see what other brands are doing, and come up with something fun and easy enough for lots of people to get involved.

Create a Content Calendar

When you post is almost as important as how often you post. If you consistently upload videos when your fanbase is asleep, they may miss out — which means you miss out on shares and new followers.

This useful chart from SproutSocial shows when the highest engagement occurs on TikTok. Posting during these periods could help your videos gain more likes and shares, and get followers for your account.

To get the most out of insights like this, create a content calendar that plans out exactly what dates and times you’ll post. Prepare several videos ahead of time and have them ready to go at those specific times. You can then monitor interaction to see which performs best.

Consider Purchasing Followers for Increased Engagement

Sometimes it feels like if you don’t have followers, you can’t get followers. Just like you tend to choose brands that your friends and family talk about and recommend, TikTokers follow users who already have a big following. That’s where the option to buy followers becomes essential.

Work with a trusted provider of social media followers — check out their reviews before you make a commitment. Some of these vendors pride themselves on offering only genuine, active accounts. And if followers leave within 30 days, some companies will even give you a free top-up.

Most TikTok users are actively looking for more cool accounts to follow. These providers capitalize on that desire by matching accounts wanting followers up to those needing new content to consume. Prices are usually competitive and you can start by buying just 100 followers at a time. See how it impacts your reach and engagement levels. You may find just a few hundred purchased followers lead to thousands more via organic reach.

Get Creative and Try Something New

At the end of the day, if you don’t make a change then nothing will improve. It may seem obvious, but so many brands and marketers try the same thing over and over and wonder why they don’t succeed. Be bold and open to trying new techniques, and save time by cutting out the methods that clearly don’t work. Consider buying TikTok followers to bolster your organic growth and make sure you’re fully on top of new trends.

Keep your content engaging and on-brand while utilizing these tips to gain a lasting, devoted following.