How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Knowing how to get more followers on Instagram is essential if you want to use the platform for business or to become an influencer. According to Statista, Instagram has around 2 billion users. That’s a huge opportunity brands can leverage to gain traction and reach — if they have a good fanbase.

But are there any quick ways to build a huge following? Actually, yes — there are several. We’ve compiledseven tips all Instagrammers should be following, from utilizing a bio to buying followers. Give them a go and watch your following grow.


1. Post High-Quality Content

No matter how many followers you have, if you post boring snaps, no one will want to engage with you. Think about the quality and content of your photos and videos. While you may enjoy ten straight minutes of your cat sleeping, it’s not likely to stand out in the crowd.

Record notable, exciting moments, and don’t forget to utilize the many filters and additional features available on Instagram. Make a note of which types of posts get the most likes and followers, and try and replicate more in the same style. Always keep everything on brand and authentic to build recognition and trust with your audience.

2. Utilize Reels

Video trumps static content when it comes to engagement.Around 90% of marketers now utilize short-form videos — videos under two minutes — because 50% of viewers are likely to stick around for the duration. It’s a low-time commitment that fits into existing Instagram user habits. If you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram, Reels is an important tool.

The Reels feature allows users to post short videos on just about any topic, plus there’s the option to add text, stickers, effects, and other features to help content stand out. You can connect Reels to your other posts, too. For example, if a photo of a recent meal garnered impressive engagement, why not post a short video showing how you made it? Or for a fun alternative, you could show you and a friend at the grocery store arguing over what ingredients to buy.

Think about the videos you enjoy and what makes them engaging. Don’t copy other content, but you can take inspiration in terms of techniques and style.

3. Post Consistently

If you only post once a month, followers get bored and go somewhere else. Post regularly, on the same days or around the same time, if possible. Check out thebest times to post on Instagram to get the most engagement in terms of likes and followers.

Of course, you may find that your target audience isn’t as active during these peak times. For example, if you have an international audience, you’ll need to take the time differences into account. Similarly, if you run an advice blog for night shift workers, you probably won’t get much interaction during daylight hours.

Use the available tips and advice but combine these with the Insights feature to discover how to meet the needs of your own unique audience.

4. Use Your Bio

Instagram bios give you a tiny little space for self-promotion. Make sure you maximize this opportunity. Use keywords in your description to help other Instagram users find you.

The screenshot above shows how this user made sure to include the keyword “vegan” in both their name and their bio. Using words that narrow down what niche you’re aiming for helps you get closer to your target audience.

You can also utilize services like Linktree to make a single link worth a dozen clicks. Linktree and its alternatives provide you with one URL that instantly brings up a page full of buttons that lead to your other online platforms. For example, you could share a Linktree URL in your Instagram bio that included links to Tumblr, an e-shop, and your blog. Instagram users who can quickly see what other cool content you’ve got are more likely to give you a follow.

5. Set Up a Business Profile

If you want to reach more people, an Instagram business account has several features that can help you. When you switch to a business profile, you get access to paid advertising. These ads start at very low rates, allowing you to promote posts that may lead to sales or increased engagement.

Business profiles also offer analytics called Instagram Insights, so you can see exactly how many people are engaging and how often. The Insights feature also shows where followers are from to help you better understand the audience you’re reaching.

Instagram even offers resources and guides for small businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to make the most of the platform.

6. Post Feel-Good Stories

While Instagrammers love a bit of drama, you’ll get more engagement from a wider audience with shareable “good news” type posts and Stories. Celebrate a local business, shout out your favorite restaurant, or pose with your pet. Instagram is generally an uplifting platform. Leverage that to reach potential followers ready to embrace your good vibes.

7. Buy Instagram Followers

Boosting your fanbase by buying Instagram followers is a perfectly valid way to gain more engagement. Some companies now provide ways for Instagram users to buy anything from 100 to 20,000 followers — all from real accounts. A few providers even offer premium services that guarantee the accounts are active, so you get maximum engagement.

Only buy followers from a trusted partner, though. The followers you get from a reputable provider are genuine accounts with real humans on the other side of the screen. If you don’t do your research, you could end up with a ton of bots following you — which can actually make engagement worse. Plus, Instagram regularly gets rid of fake accounts and bots, so it doesn’t benefit you at all. Look at sites like Trust pilot and read consumer reviews to discover which providers actually deliver.

Don’t Give Up

While it can seem like a slow process learning how to get more followers on Instagram, the key is to just keep going. Consistently applying the above tips including buying followers helps give you a strong foundation from which to launch your online brand. Create awesome content and post regularly, and your following will grow organically.