Facebook introduces “Profile Lock” feature to ensure women safety

The latest feature from Facebook allows users to ‘lock their profiles’. After enabling this feature the people you are not friends with can not see your posts, photos or expand your profile picture. A blue badge will indicate the profile is locked. To enable this feature you need to tap the “more” option on your profile under your name and then enable profile lock. Needless to say this feature will be a boon for women folk being bothered by random strangers.

“We are deeply aware of the concerns people in India, particularly women, have about protecting their online profile,” said Ankhi Das, Public Policy director at Facebook India.


In Facebook’s previous attempts to ensure user safety “profile picture guard” was launched. This feature prohibited people from downloading and sharing profile picture. However, it was not enough because there was no protection given to the older profile pictures.

“We started first with the profile, because that was the picture that women were most nervous about being downloaded and shared. And so that’s when we first launched profile picture guard. And then over time, we realised it extends beyond the current profile picture to other photos as well,” says Roxana Irani, Product Manager at Facebook.

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Reacting to Facebook’s new feature, Ranjana Kumari Director at woman advocacy group Centre for Social Research said “We have often heard from young girls that they are hesitant to share about themselves online and are intimidated by the idea of someone misusing their information. I am very happy to see that Facebook is making efforts to learn about their concerns and building products that can give them the experience they want. This new safety feature will give women, especially young girls a chance to express themselves freely.”

Facebook provides a platform to the masses. However, it is not excessed by everyone because of the stalking and predatory behaviour over the internet. In such conditions, this feature is not less than a boon.