Signal scales up its group video call limit to 40 persons

Signal has scaled up the limit of its group video call from 5 participants to 40 participants.

Signal, the encrypted messaging service now supports 40 person group video call. A year ago, Signal released end-to-end encrypted group calls and now, the messaging platform has scaled up the limit to 40 participates through open-source ‘Signal Calling Service’.

What is an open-source Signal Calling Service?


Open-source software is the software that permits anyone to freely use, study and change the software in any way. The source code is openly shared so that people can voluntarily improve the design of the software. The open-source signal calling service provides crystal clear voice and video call quality to help people connect across the world.


The app launched three architectures for the video calls: Full Mesh, Server Mixing and Selective Forwarding. The Full Mesh allows call participants to directly send media (audio and video) directly to other call participants. However, this works on small calls.

Server Mixing allows call participants to send its media to other call participants via a server. Lastly, Selective Forwarding allows each participant to send its media to the server, which further ‘forwards’ the media without altering or viewing it and sends it to other call participants.

Its competitor, WhatsApp allows encrypted group video calls since 2018. However, the limit is only up to 8 participants.