Richard Lobo on Tech Mahindra’s HR Strategy: Diversity, AI, and Future-Ready Workforce

Richard Lobo, Chief People Officer at Tech Mahindra, shares insights on driving sustainable growth, fostering talent mobility, and leveraging AI in HR functions.

Tech Mahindra’s Chief People Officer, Richard Lobo, brings over two decades of HR expertise, including a seven-year tenure as Head of HR at Infosys, to his new role. With a focus on nurturing young leaders and fostering a people-first culture, Lobo is now driving talent strategy and workforce innovation for Tech Mahindra’s 146,000 employees across 90 countries.

In a recent interview with Sustainability Magazine, Lobo emphasized his commitment to leveraging human-first principles to optimize Tech Mahindra’s human capital potential. He expressed alignment with the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and a people-centric culture, viewing his new role as an opportunity to chart new territories and drive Tech Mahindra to unprecedented heights in the industry.


As a cornerstone within the business, the Chief People Officer plays a vital role in linking human potential with tangible business outcomes. According to Lobo, effective CPOs must balance the complex needs of the business with the aspirations of the talent they oversee. Key qualities for this role include strong leadership, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence, particularly important in managing international relationships with empathy and insight.

Tech Mahindra’s talent strategy emphasizes talent mobility, providing opportunities for employees to develop skills and advance their careers. Initiatives such as job rotations, leadership development programs, skills training, and mentorship aim to boost internal talent mobility and development. Lobo highlighted the importance of investing in employees’ development to retain top talent and remain competitive in the industry, especially in rapidly evolving tech skills.

In response to challenges posed by rapid technical innovation and digital transformation, Tech Mahindra has implemented initiatives like the #UaaS (Upskilling-as-a-Service) platform. This platform, powered by AI, offers interactive, on-demand upskilling to employees in a self-service mode, contributing to a learning ecosystem that enables employees to adapt to technological changes.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Tech Mahindra plans to deploy AI-driven tools for personalized learning and development paths, enhance employee engagement through data analytics, and implement cutting-edge recruitment technologies to attract top talent. These initiatives align with the company’s broader mission to foster an environment where innovation thrives and employees are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Richard Lobo’s appointment as Chief People Officer at Tech Mahindra signifies a commitment to nurturing a people-first culture and driving talent strategy to new heights. His focus on leveraging human-first principles and aligning HR initiatives with broader business objectives underscores Tech Mahindra’s dedication to innovation and sustainable growth.