PCB’s High-Tech surveillance revolutionizes Anti-Corruption measures in PSL 2024

Explore how the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is leveraging high-tech surveillance to combat match-fixing and uphold the integrity of PSL 2024.

In a bid to eradicate match-fixing and enhance the integrity of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has embraced cutting-edge surveillance technologies. This move represents a significant step forward in the fight against corruption in cricket, inspired by lessons from past scandals and innovative suggestions from the cricketing community.

Innovative Surveillance Solutions


Despite initial concerns regarding player privacy, the PCB has deployed sophisticated surveillance systems to monitor financial transactions of individuals blacklisted by the International Cricket Council (ICC). This proactive approach aims to disrupt illicit contact between corrupt elements and players, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the sport.

Blending Technology with Tradition

While high-tech surveillance plays a pivotal role, the PCB has not overlooked traditional oversight methods. The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) has stationed officers strategically in hotels and cricket grounds, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage. This dual approach underscores the PCB’s unwavering commitment to combat match-fixing from all angles.

Balancing Surveillance and Privacy

The PCB’s adoption of advanced surveillance techniques underscores the delicate balance between maintaining the sport’s integrity and respecting player privacy. By navigating these complexities, the PCB aims to fortify cricket against corruption while upholding the principles of fairness and privacy.

Charting a New Course

The PCB’s forward-thinking approach signifies a new chapter in the fight against corruption in cricket. By harnessing technology while honoring privacy concerns, the board sets a precedent for cricket boards globally. As PSL 2024 unfolds, the world watches with anticipation, hopeful that the PCB’s efforts will usher in a new era of transparency and integrity in cricket.