Orbic revolutionizes transportation with the World’s First 5G eBike featuring AI object detection

Orbic’s groundbreaking 5G eBike, unveiled at MWC Barcelona, is setting a new standard in mobile eBike technology with AI object detection, prioritizing rider safety and environmental sustainability.

Orbic, a global leader in sustainable electronic innovation, has unveiled the world’s first 5G-enabled eBike equipped with advanced AI object detection and collision avoidance technology. This revolutionary eBike, showcased at the prestigious 2024 MWC Barcelona, marks a significant milestone in smart transportation, combining cutting-edge connectivity, rider safety features, and environmental responsibility.

At Orbic, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to enhance user experiences and expand connectivity,stated Mike Narula, President and CEO of Orbic. The introduction of our 5G e-Bike at MWC Barcelona exemplifies our dedication to integrating advanced technology into everyday mobility solutions. By combining 5G connectivity and AI technology, we’re redefining the riding experience, prioritizing safety, connectivity, and sustainability.


The 5G e-Bike boasts a top speed of up to 45km/h* and features an advanced AI avoidance detection system with a 140-degree field of view sensor strategically positioned on the rear of the bike. This sensor continuously monitors the rider’s surroundings, providing real-time audible and visual alerts to enhance awareness and safety. Additionally, the e-Bike is equipped with front-facing and rear cameras, enabling riders to capture and livestream their adventures while ensuring enhanced safety and object detection.

The bike’s 7-inch all-weather touchscreen display provides riders with essential information, including battery status, speed, distance, maps, and tracking functionalities, allowing for a seamless and focused riding experience. Furthermore, the Orbic 5G e-Bike serves as a mobile hotspot, extending connectivity to riders wherever they go, whether on a trail or at a backyard barbeque.

Central to the 5G e-Bike’s performance is its high-speed 5G connectivity, minimizing lag time and optimizing communication speed for a responsive user experience. Riders can livestream their rides, share experiences with fellow riders, and access real-time maps and tracking functionalities for precise navigation.

In addition to its technological advancements, the Orbic 5G e-Bike operates without fossil fuels or carbon emissions, aligning with Orbic’s commitment to developing sustainable technology. Riders can enjoy guilt-free, eco-friendly transportation while experiencing the latest in connectivity and safety features.

Orbic’s innovative approach to transportation reflects its mission to provide unique and accessible solutions for smart value-tech consumers. With a diverse portfolio of connected solutions, including smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, and connected laptops, Orbic continues to redefine the connected experience for users worldwide.