Microsoft finally removes mysterious Copilot app that installed itself

Remember that peculiar Copilot app that mysteriously appeared on some Windows 11 PCs earlier this year? Well, Microsoft has finally addressed the enigma of the 8KB app that had users scratching their heads. According to Neowin, Microsoft confirmed that this tiny program, which popped up on the ‘Installed apps’ list, was indeed harmless and did not execute any background code. The company has now resolved the issue, ensuring that the app will no longer be visible in the installed applications list.

While the incident was quite odd, it’s reassuring to know that this strange software appearance was benign. However, it’s intriguing that it took Microsoft a considerable amount of time to address and rectify the glitch since it was first noticed in March 2024. This delay has left many wondering why the resolution process was so sluggish.


In a post on its release health dashboard, Microsoft explained: “This package was intended to prepare some Windows devices for future Windows Copilot enablement and was not intended for all devices. Although the component installed as part of this issue can cause the Microsoft Copilot app to be shown as part of the Installed apps, this component does not fully install or enable Microsoft Copilot.”

The app’s introduction and subsequent removal were both handled through updates to the Edge browser. Users need to update to Edge stable version 126.0.2592.56 and restart their browser to remove the app.

This incident is part of a broader tumultuous period for Windows 11. Recently, Microsoft also decided to drop the Recall feature from Copilot+ PCs, indicating potential issues with the AI feature that have generated some controversy.

Microsoft has a number of loose ends to address and must proceed cautiously to avoid further missteps. While the Copilot app incident turned out to be harmless, it serves as a reminder that future glitches might not be as benign.