Microsoft announces Windows 12 release date; Here’s all you need to know

Along comes Windows 12 to change things up just as we were getting used to Windows 11.

When Microsoft users were just getting comfortable to the new Windows 11, a new revolutionary update has come.

Along comes Windows 12 to change things up just as we were getting used to Windows 11 and the operating system  was enjoying good user acceptance  inside the ecosystem.


Rumour has it that Windows 12 will  launch by the end of the year and  include new features including floating taskbar.

This year, there have been several rumours spread concerning Windows 12. Microsoft hasn’t formally acknowledged its existence, but there have been a number of signs pointing to its development.

One of the signs was a video screenshot from the Build 2023 developer conference that alluded to a “next generation” of Windows. It is assumed to be referring to Windows 12 and, hopefully, not a version of Windows 11 that is entirely cloud-based.

Additionally, Microsoft has mentioned a “Next Valley Prototype Design,” which is thought to be a codename for the upcoming version of Windows.

At the company’s Ignite 2023 conference, Microsoft unintentionally hinted a version of its operating system featuring a floating taskbar, according to Windows Latest.

Rumour has it that Microsoft will launch Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024, with a wider deployment following in 2025, just like they did with Windows 11 in 2021.

It was announced in March that Microsoft and Intel are working together to give Windows cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities. AMD is also probably involved. Given the course that the industry is heading, this is not surprising.

Ironically, we are talking about Windows 12 at a time when PC customers are starting to prefer Windows 11. Although Windows 10 still holds a lead with 71% of the market, its global market share last month reached a historic high of roughly 24%.