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Massive service outages leave Microsoft 365 offline, impacting thousands of customers: Report

More than 15,000 people were unable to use Word and Excel on Monday, according to the outage monitoring website At least three disruptions of Microsoft services have occurred since the year’s commencement.

According to Downdetector, Microsoft Outlook, which is utilised by millions of these businesses to maintain smooth working, has been experiencing outages.

One user commented, “Outlook on the Web not working.” An error notice displays while attempting to visit the email website. It displays “Service Unavailable,” then “HTTP Error 503.” The service is not accessible. “We’re looking into a problem with using Outlook online. More information may be obtained in the admin centre under EX571516, according to the business.

“In an effort to determine the fundamental core cause of the problem, we are now analysing our networking infrastructure and most recent changes. In the admin centre, look for EX571516 for more details, according to Microsoft’s tweet.

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business have downstream effects that we have discovered. With regard to such services, we are providing complete effect information and updates via MO571683. According to Microsoft’s most recent tweet, updates for Exchange and Outlook on the web will still be sent via EX571516.

Microsoft Outlook is used primarily for appropriate communication, and it has systems and processes designed for that communication. As a result, the management found it difficult to assign work to their employees in an appropriate manner, which sparked a meme frenzy on social media about how people can unwind without communication services.

“Starting my week off with Microsoft Outlook is wild! I thought I was the only one,” a person on Twitter stated.

Is Microsoft Outlook unavailable? asked another user.

According to, which analyses outages by compiling status updates from sources, including user-submitted faults on its platform, there were more than 2,000 cases of customers reporting problems with Outlook earlier this year in February.

“I successfully launched OneDrive online and made an effort to open Outlook from there. O365 applications are not available, and we are unable to search for them either, a user tweeted.