MacOS Sequoia release date: Here’s when your Mac will get the update

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, the tech giant introduced the latest iteration of its Mac operating system, macOS 15, also known as Sequoia. This new version brings a host of exciting features, many of which are inspired by the updates in iPadOS 18 and iOS 18.

Key Features of macOS Sequoia

  • Customization: New customization options from iPadOS 18 and iOS 18.
  • iPhone Integration: Enhanced iPhone mirroring and notification synchronization.
  • Window Tiling: Improved window management with advanced tiling options.
  • Safari Updates: New features and improvements in Safari.
  • Password App: A new dedicated password management app.
  • Apple Intelligence: Many features are powered by the new Apple Intelligence.

Beta Release Dates

Developer Beta

  • Release Date: June 10, the same day as the WWDC announcement.
  • Access: Initially, developer betas required a $99/year Apple Developer Program subscription, but now they are available to anyone with an Apple ID.
  • Caution: Early beta versions can be unstable. It’s advisable to install them on secondary devices rather than primary Macs or MacBooks.

Public Beta

  • Expected Release: Between late June and early July.
  • Access: Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program to enroll your devices.
  • Recommendation: Install the public beta on a secondary device to avoid potential issues on your main device.

Official Release Date

  • Expected Timeline: Fall 2024, likely in September or October.
  • Confirmation: Exact dates have not been announced, but Apple traditionally follows a similar release schedule each year.
  • Compatibility: Some features powered by Apple Intelligence may be exclusive to newer Apple silicon Macs. Further details will emerge in the coming months.

The unveiling of macOS Sequoia promises significant enhancements and integrations that will streamline and enrich the user experience. While the developer and public betas provide early access to these features, users should remain mindful of potential bugs and instability. The full, polished version of macOS Sequoia is set to debut in the fall, marking another step forward in Apple’s operating system evolution.