Levidian & United Utilities introduce innovative Waste-to-Hydrogen Technology in the UK

Levidian and United Utilities have launched a pioneering waste-to-hydrogen production technology, advancing sustainability and supporting the UK’s Net Zero goals.

Levidian and United Utilities have unveiled a groundbreaking waste-to-hydrogen production technology, marking a significant step towards sustainability and the UK’s Net Zero goals. The initiative was presented before the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), highlighting its transformative potential in the UK’s journey towards Net Zero.

Revolutionizing Waste Management


The collaboration utilizes Levidian’s patented LOOP technology to decarbonize biogas produced at United’s Manchester Bioresources Centre, using it as a sustainable feedstock for on-site hydrogen production. This project, supported by a £3m investment from the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio’s BECCS Innovation Programme, positions United Utilities as a leader in green technology, enabling the production of hydrogen for heavy-duty fleets. This initiative showcases the transformative potential of waste conversion in the UK’s sustainability efforts.

Trailblazing Technology and Trial

Lisa Mansell, United Utilities’ Chief Engineer (Innovation), highlighted the project’s significance, noting the dual production of hydrogen and graphene from waste. The upcoming trial at the Manchester Bioresources Centre aims to validate the technology’s effectiveness, potentially paving the way for its implementation across wastewater treatment sites in the northwest. Ian Hopkins, Levidian’s Chief Commercial Officer, described the technology as “ultra-green,” distinguishing it from electrolysis by its innovative use of methane without depleting water resources or contributing to CO2 emissions.

Future Implications and Sustainability Goals

If successful, this technology could revolutionize waste management and hydrogen production, aligning closely with the UK’s Net Zero ambitions. By converting waste into valuable resources, Levidian and United Utilities are addressing environmental concerns and driving the water sector towards a sustainable future. This initiative highlights the critical role of innovation in achieving decarbonization and sets a precedent for similar initiatives worldwide.