Navigating the Landscape of Digital Content Creation Platforms

As a content creator, you’re sure to have your own unique processes and styles when it comes to getting your content from the ideas stage all the way through to posting it online. There are many digital content creation platforms out there, which incorporate a range of tools, each designed to facilitate and support the creative process and that offer plenty of opportunities for customization.

One of the most useful of these tools is customizable WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors, which facilitate the construction and design of content visually rather than being required to code it line by line.


Choosing a Great WYSIWYG Editor

When choosing a WYSIWYG editor to use as part of your content creation, there are several key factors to take into account to get the best editor for your needs. Here’s what to assess.

User Friendly

Ideally, the tool should be user-friendly and easy to get up and running with. Look for seamless UX and modern UI with plenty of features designed to boost productivity – these could include keyboard support, the ability to copy-paste hassle-free from Word, and autoformatting.


You need a customizable WYSIWYG editor to consistently get the results you want and bring your digital vision to life. Look for an editor that’s simple to configure and can pair perfectly with your software. A bank of hundreds of APIs is a bonus, too.


This is really important. The option you choose should, ideally, be able to support a wide range of use cases, from complex documents with large toolbars to the sort of simple, limited toolbars needed for instant messaging and emails.

Other Features

You may want to consider a WYSIWYG editor that comes as part of a software package that also includes collaboration and file management tools, for example, to provide a one-stop-shop centralized solution.

How to Get the Most from a Content Creation Platform

A content creation platform offers a centralized hub and repository to promote smooth workflow and help you produce consistently compelling content. You can keep all the files, images, and documents connected with a project here so that other team members can easily access them when needed. Great content creation software promotes consistency, too, which is vital in ensuring your brand message and ‘voice’ stay the same and your messaging remains on point.

A high-quality content creation platform should be easily scalable and able to handle an increasingly large quantity of data and content and provide usable, comprehensive analytical tools that allow you to track metrics and therefore optimize your strategy.

Whether you’ve just gotten on board with a content creation platform or have been using one for a while and aren’t sure if you’re making full use of its features, here are some things you may wish to try.

Automated Research

Did you know that some content creation software comes with built-in research tools that can be used to identify the best keywords, topics, and data for your content? As well as saving valuable time, these tools mean that you can be sure your content will consistently hit the spot with your audience.

Tools to Streamline the Editing Process

Editing is a major and time-consuming part of the content creation process, but one that can’t be skipped or skimped on. Happily, most content creation platforms boast tools that can help this side of things run more efficiently. This isn’t just about spelling and grammar checkers – think style checkers, too, which will alert you if the content wanders outside your brand’s set style guide.

Make the Most of Integration

Are you making full use of your content creation software’s ability to integrate with the other platforms and apps you use as part of designing, generating, and publishing content? Check what’s possible – you may well find that you can integrate your software with, for example, your marketing and social media scheduling tools.

Customizable Templates

Use this tool to create high-quality, engaging content that looks professional and represents your brand – with no technical experience required. Customizable templates allow you to create everything from blog posts to image-rich email newsletters in double-quick time.

Automated Scheduling Tools

Use emailing and social media scheduling tools to help ensure you’re posting content consistently and, at the best times, regarding sparking maximum viewer engagement. Simply set automated scheduling in advance, sit back, and relax! (Or, alternatively, get on with designing the next piece of content…)

Streamlining Your Processes with a Digital Content Creation Platform

Digital content creation is now a must for every business, no matter its size, industry, or location. As a content creator, navigating the content creation landscape can be tricky: there are so many options out there, each boasting a range of different tools and features. Think carefully about the elements in your current process that could be optimized when choosing content creation software, and be sure to check regularly that you’re using this platform to its fullest potential.

Don’t forget to choose a great WYSIWYG-rich text editor to use in conjunction with the software, to further power up your content production processes.